Unsuspecting Mom-To-Be Shocked After Ultrasound


Motherhood begins

    Right after the twins were born, Lisa wrote on her blog, “Twins are tough cookies to take care of. I estimated the amount of ‘down time’ in the 12 hours I cared for them, and it was three. Three hours to eat, pump and sleep because I can tell you this, that’s all this girl is going to do”. She was overjoyed to have little girls, explaining, “Holy smokes, I am going to be a tired mama, but oh so happy, I can’t wait.”

The Twins

Because Lisa was in the hospital for such a long period of time, she missed out on a lot of celebrations in the outside world. And although the twins were already born, her friends felt it was appropriate to throw her a baby show post-birth. It’s a great way to celebrate, anyway!


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