Unsuspecting Mom-To-Be Shocked After Ultrasound


Loss Of Man’s Bestfriend

As if they already weren’t under enough stress as it is, Lisa and Darren lost their beloved dog while enduring the pregnancy. After the death of their dog, Lisa wrote from her hospital bed, “At 30 weeks we were heartbroken to say goodbye to our very senior and sick fur baby”.

Lisa’s Blog

Prior to their pregnancy, Darren had taken a long-term job away from home, which caused more stress in Lisa. But they did get to keep in contact through phone calls and emails. Not only was Lisa and Darren’s story being heard in their local hospital, but now all over the world thanks to Lisa writing a new blog about her unique experience. Toward the nine month mark of her pregnancy, Lisa wrote in her blog, “Nine days till I get to see our babies and six till I get to see Darren! I am so excited. I try to remain calm and not get worked up but it is hard, I feel calm but my body is wound up.”


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