Unsuspecting Mom-To-Be Shocked After Ultrasound


Twins Together In The Same Amniotic Sac

When a pair of twins share an amniotic sac, all sorts of risks are at stake. First off, when they share the same sac they’re also sharing the same blood flow and aren’t protected from bumping into one another, due to the absence of a wall. Second, when two umbilical cords are in the same sac, the risk of entanglement is huge. The umbilical cord is vital for each baby’s health, as the cord bring them oxygen and nutrients.

Under Constant Supervision Of Doctors

Because her pregnancy was so risky, Lisa went under full-time care in the hospital while she was just five months pregnant. For four months, she would have to stay in the hospital under constant supervision of doctors to ensure a safer pregnancy. During her stay, Lisa had to have up to three ultrasounds daily to make sure things weren’t turning for the worse.


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