Unsuspecting Mom-To-Be Shocked After Ultrasound


More Big News

Once the twins were two and a half years old, they found out they were going to be older sisters! In July of 2016, Lisa announced that she was pregnant with a baby boy. However, yet again, some sadness marred the Hansens’ pregnancy.

Another Pregnancy

During Lisa’s first ultrasound, she was curious to learn whether she would be expecting another set of twins. However, the doctor told Lisa that while it looked like there had been two embryos at one point, now only one baby could be detected. After the news, Lisa wrote on her blog, “On the drive home it really hit me and I just cried thinking about our lost baby and my survivor who will grow up without the amazing twin bond that my girls share,” Lisa shared. “I know they won’t feel that loss that I feel for them but it still hurts because I see what my River and Piper have.”


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