Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein tried to capitalize Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson flubbing a question world leaders making a list of three numbers he loved.
But none of those listed are leaders of their respective countries.

One day after Johnson was unable to appoint a world leader who admired when asked in an MSNBC city Stein tweeted a list of your own.

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May Stedile and Corbyn, however, are not technically world leaders, since none has a leading position in the government of his country. May is a member of the House of Commons of Canada. Stedile is an economist and member of the Movement of Landless Workers of Brazil, he helped found. Corbyn is the leader of the Labour Party in Britain.
Johnson sat with the vice presidential candidate Bill Weld Libertario, was asked by Chris Matthews MSNBC to “appoint a foreign leader you respect and admire.” Johnson could not name any.
“I think I’m having a moment of Aleppo,” said Johnson, referring to a previous embarrassing interview he did when he did not recognize the name of a city in central Syria humanitarian crisis in the country.


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