These Police And Fire Departments Worked For Hours To Free Two Dogs From A Pipe

When Winston and Rosie’s owner couldn’t find his two dogs, he assumed that they’d gone into the backyard for a puppy playdate. When he finally found the pair, however, they were in the yard, but they were trapped in a pipe on the property.
Uncertain of what to do, he called 911 and before long, helpful rescue teams from the Boxford Police and Fire Departments were on their way to lend a helping hand.

Rescuers could hear the dogs in the pipe, but were unable to coax them out. Beyond that, no one on the team was small enough to crawl inside.


The sewage pipe was more than 175 feet long and 12 feet below the ground, leaving the team with a large search area and only a few options.

Time was ticking for the trapped pups, but responders kept their composure.

Using advanced rescue cameras, the team was finally able to pinpoint the dogs’ location.

They determined that the only real method for rescue would be to dig up the pipe.

After more than five hours on the scene, Rosie and Winston were freed! That meant they could resume playing, of course.


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