Recently discharged footage has revealed an alarming new insight into a 2011 police shooting in St. Louis, demonstrating an officer weapon down a dark suspect and afterward planting a firearm on the wrongdoing scene.

Officer Jason Stockley and his accomplice Brian Bianchi had connected with medication suspect Anthony Lamar Smith in a rapid pursue. Stockley can be heard saying “I’m going to slaughter this mother lover.”

The police slammed Smith off the street, and camera footage indicates Stockley shooting five shots into the driver’s seat of Smith’s impaired auto.

New footage now uncovers Stockley removing a weapon from a duffel again from the back of his own cruiser and planting it on Smith’s body. Stockley asserted in his report that Smith had pointed the weapon at him, advocating the utilization of deadly compel.

Consequent DNA proof on the firearm, be that as it may, did not contain any DNA or fingerprints from Smith.

Stockley will be striven for first degree murder. One of his underlying hearings happens on Oct. third.

Footage of the killing can be found here:



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