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The New York Times, called “newspaper of record”, said the important key state of Ohio is a major battleground in the presidential election – now that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump he wins.

Trump fired before Clinton in the Buckeye state in the RealClearPolitics poll average on September 13 and never looked back. The last half September 24th – before the first presidential debate on Sept. 26 – Trump has Clinton ahead by 2%.

In early September, the Times said Ohio “a key state swing,” where Gov. John Kasich threatened to destroy the presidential hopes of Trump by withholding approval and cancel the use participation Trump added The Times “. No candidate since 1960 he has visited the white House without winning Ohio. and while Clinton could help you lose your advantage given to other battlegrounds like Virginia and Colorado, Ohio, is a must-win for Mr. Trump “.

Now that Trump is to win the “must win” the Times has reviewed its position on the importance of Ohio: “After decades as one of the most reliable indicators of political tendency of America a field inevitably presidential battle that reflects faithfully the mood and makeup of the country, Ohio suddenly vanishes in importance this year, “writes Jonathan Martin, who said that Clinton essentially conceded the state.

“Mr. inflexible commercial anti-Clinton campaign Trump and energize young voters difficulty of Ohio have a lower target for Democrats this year, although it remains central to the way the White House Trump” explains (emphasis added).

This bit of revisionist history is necessary to avoid pulling the alternative conclusion, which is that the success of Trump in the state of Ohio reference could presage success elsewhere.



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