Since the beginning of time men and women have been looking for the perfect formula to be attractive to the opposite sex. After all, nobody wants to be a complete turn off when they meet the person of their dreams right?
Over the last several years there have been several scientific studies done about what each sex subconsciously looks for in the other. Reputable places like DePaul University, University College in London, University of British Columbia and Bangor University are a few that have conducted such studies. What they have found are results pretty similar to what the others found. Today we will look into the top six ways that a woman can make herself more attractive to a man. Some of them they don’t have control over though so they can’t be changed.
You may buy into these studies and you may not. Just because they are officially called a scientific study doesn’t mean they are 100% fool proof and the way that most of society thinks. Each individual has their own set of likes and dislikes. Also, keep in mind that a lot of these studies only use a few thousand people, if that many, so take the results for what you will. Maybe they will help some women out there and maybe they won’t. Some women may be perfect just the way they are and not need to change anything at all.

#1. Studies show that men prefer a nice hip to butt ratio.

Studies have found that men subconsciously prefer a hip to butt ratio of 7:10. It signifies that they are a woman that is built for having children. Kim Kardashian is a good example of what these studies say that men prefer.

#2. Some studies say that men prefer a higher pitched voice.

The studies reveal that men are attracted to a higher pitched voice rather than a deep husky one. It signifies youth and a slim body. This one is a little baffling because a person’s voice really has nothing to do with their age or appearance. I suppose it can signify that but it doesn’t make it so.
Some studies say that men prefer a higher pitched voice.


#3. Who doesn’t like good hair?

When men were drilled on what kind of hair they prefer, long hair won out every time. The studies say they find it more sexy than short hair.

#4. Flash those pearly whites!

The scientific studies said that the results show that men prefer women with a nice smile. So keep that smile on your face ladies if you want to get that man you are chasing down!

#5. The natural look is better.

The results also showed that men prefer the natural look over the clown look. Too much make up can be a major turn off because it’s not a true representation of yourself. Some is okay as long as it looks natural. But when a woman crosses over into the “caked on” zone they won’t see positive results.


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